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What is IIDP?

The Institute for Infectious Diseases of Poverty (IIDP/IRMP) is a consortium of Anglophone and Francophone multidisciplinary West African Institutions with a mission to develop the intellectual, regulatory and physical infrastructure required for the production of the high quality interdisciplinary science necessary to address the problems of infectious diseases of poverty (IDPs).


In sub-Saharan Africa, poverty contributes greatly to infectious diseases, lack of access to treatment, and ultimately, health outcomes. Despite scientific and technological developments, infectious diseases of poverty (IDPs) persist. A significant reason for this is the lack of research capacity, in particular, interdisciplinary capacity that can integrate knowledge and facilitate the identification and translation of technical solutions into interventions that are embedded within populations and health systems.

Objectives of IIDP/IRMP

  • To identify and develop strategies for sharing opportunities and meeting capacity development needs of member institutions.
  • To develop in each of the institutions, the infrastructure for carrying out specific area of relevant research of high policy impact as well as serve as center for training members of the consortium from other institutions.
  • To develop a training programme within each of the institutions that will attract the best and brightest research students in clinical tropical medicine and health research, in advanced parasitological, epidemiological, social science research methods and immunological techniques including public health research.
  • To develop in each institution, the capacity for building a critical mass of local implementation research ability, including fostering a vibrant research environment in universities in the early stage of developing research potential.


A core goal of IIDP/IRMP is to produce interdisciplinary research information in infectious diseases of poverty that supports regional disease control programmes. IIDP/IRMP constitutes a strong core of researchers from diverse fields working around biological, clinical and socio-cultural aspects of infectious diseases of poverty.

How is the IIDP funded?

The IIDP is one of seven consortia in Africa, which are beneficiaries of the Africa Institutions Research Initiative by the Wellcome Trust. This initiative seeks to strengthen African higher Education and research institutes. The Wellcome Trust took this decision at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust meeting at KILIFI, in Kenya in March 2007. The award started in August 2009 and will run initially for five years.

The following are the other consortia funded by the Wellcome Trust:

SACORE (Southern Africa Consortium for Research Excellence)

THRIVE (Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence)

CARTA (Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa)

SNOWS (Scientists Networked for Outcomes from Water and Sanitation)

SACIDSĀ  (Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance)

One Health Initiative - African Research Consortium for Ecosystem and Population Health