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International Panel of Experts

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 The International Academy of Experts (IAE) is a membership body made up of IAE Fellows.  We are an international group of leading researchers united in our active support for the establishment of an interdisciplinary centre of research excellence focussed on infectious diseases of poverty in West Africa.

The IAE Fellows support individual IIDP-associated researchers and students on the IIDP research programmes in selected areas. (See ‘What we do’ for more detailed information). Access to Fellows’ expertise and experience allows individuals on the IIDP program to gain invaluable knowledge, collaborative experience, career development opportunities and guidance. Through the IAE they expand their scientific networks across the globe and create opportunities to bring their work to a wider audience and participate in the global discussion on scientific research priorities and advances in this field.

The IAE provides a formal means of gaining an association with and expressing commitment to IIDP. (See 'Why join the IAE'.) It is important that this is a win-win situation for all and the IAE offers a mechanism through which Fellows can initiate and negotiate collaborations and key partnerships with West African scientists in a supportive and well-resourced environment.

The IAE provides an oft-sought opportunity for eminent expatriate West African scientists to contribute to capacity strengthening in their countries/regions of origin.

The IAE facilitates the commitment of IIDP to strengthening South-South networks with other research institutions in disease endemic countries in Asia, South America and Africa facing similar public health challenges.