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There are several components to the training offered by IIDP/IRMP:

IIDP MSc fellowship

One and two-year IIDP MSc fellowships are offered at the University of Ghana and the University of Abidjan respectively, providing interdisciplinary training on infectious diseases of poverty.

IIDP PhD research fellowship

As part of the IIDP PhD research fellowship, students may undertake their research training in any one of a broad range of subjects relevant to IDPs, from social sciences through to molecular biology.

IIDP flagship course

Supporting the PhD and MSc training is an intensive 12-week flagship course based around a series of modules in the core disciplinary areas of the infectious diseases of poverty. The course is also compulsory for IIDP post-doctoral researchers, and the attendance of IIDP staff is encouraged.

Workshops and seminars

In addition to the above structured training programmes, IIDP conducts workshops, meetings, seminars and symposia which contribute to the training of both IIDP staff and students.

Staff development workshops are conducted to strengthen capacity in leadership, management, grant and publication writing. Seminars which focus on sharing preliminary findings, data and hypotheses are held at each of the partner institutions, and where possible these are made virtual to widen the audience among partner institutions.

A series of symposia and biannual regional conferences on IDPs are currently being organised to engage with researchers, policy makers and disease control programmes.

International Academy of Experts

The International Academy of Experts (IAE) offers a different type of training opportunity. IIDP PhD students and staff are in the privileged position of being able to access practical and mentoring support from these prominent researchers, including the possibility of placements overseas, career guidance, help with networking, and support with grant writing and publishing work.