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1.      To develop, train and retain high quality researchers capable of undertaking research in infectious diseases of poverty How?

  • World-class Masters and PhD programmes
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowships,
  • Staff development programmes,
  • Mentoring through the International Academy of Experts
  • A unique interdisciplinary short course
  • Support for faculties to develop research programmes 
  • Strengthening of communications between IIDP partner institutions.

  2.      To establish good governance of research and enable interdisciplinary engagement within and between IIDP/IRMP partner institutions How?

  • Consortium agreements to define the rules of engagement between institutions
  • Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with West African partner institutions/Cross institutional accreditation. This will enable higher degree students and postdoctoral fellows to acquire expertise and training in subject areas and disciplines that are not offered in their home institution or in which their home institution is weak because of lack of infrastructure or teaching personnel.
  • MOUs with other similar regional/international consortia
  • Establishment of appropriate committees to oversee the work of the consortium
  • Transparency

  3.      To develop and invest in infrastructure to allow IIDP/IRMP to function as a coordinated, regional research centre of excellence. How?

  • A strong internet/telecommunications backbone for IIDP/IRMP, capable of linking the separate institutions into a virtual single research institution. This will provide the level and speed of access that is essential for collaboration.
  • Appropriate IT, laboratory and teaching equipment
  • Open-source digital resources such as software for course management and distance learning, an electronic library repository, intranet etc
  • A strong ‘web presence’ for IIDP/IRMP providing access to information about the institute, ‘podcasts’ of events, and publishing of working papers and articles