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The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation with the objective of improving health through the funding of research initiatives, individual researchers, and the integration of biomedical science into the cultural and historical landscape.

The Wellcome Trust’s African Institutions Initiative was set up in recognition of the fact that in order to conduct health-related research vital to enhancing people's health and livelihoods, Africa needs talented local researchers, and an infrastructure to support them. The African Institutions Initiative aims to achieve this through the funding of international and pan-African consortia which will develop institutional capacity, and in doing so strengthen research and develop scientific leadership for the region.

IIDP is one of seven organisations funded as part of the initiative, which includes more than 50 institutions from 18 African countries.

The other six consortia are:

SACORE (Southern Africa Consortium for Research Excellence)

THRIVE (Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence)

CARTA (Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa)

SNOWS (Scientists Networked for Outcomes from Water and Sanitation)

SACIDS  (Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance)

One Health Initiative - African Research Consortium for Ecosystem and Population Health