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This covers the regulatory processes and procedures that support the good governance of research and enable interdisciplinary engagement within and between IIDP/IRMP partner institutions. It includes agreements between members of the consortium and West African universities and other similar regional or international consortia.

The governance structure of IIDP/IRMP is depicted in the consortium’s Organogram


The governance structure operates through structures such as the Governing Council, Secretariat, Scientific Advisory Group, International Academy of Experts and Partner Institutions.


A number of committees have been charged to handle specific processes within the consortium. Included among these committees are the Executive Group, Course Development, Ethical Review as well as Data Sharing and Data Management. Others are the Finance, Peer Review and Technical Committees.


Key to the governance process is transparency which will be achieved through communication and evaluation.


Human and technical support is required for the success of the goals of the IIDP/IRMP, hence the need for research and IT management.