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Election to the IAE

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Who are IAE Fellows

 IAE Fellows are high profile scientists in their field and of independent investigator level, with the time and personal commitment to contribute to IIDP activities.

 We also seek to engage senior post-doctoral scientists to become Associate Fellows: these will be developing independent work in their field, and able to contribute to IIDP courses as lecturers or instructors. They provide an important link to the post-doctoral level scientists in other regions of the globe, and may act as peer mentors.

 There  is a category of organisational membership known as the IIDP-IAE Affiliate.  This class of organisational membership permits formal recognition of other relevant scientific organisations and their members.

 All interested researchers, health professionals or organisations should seek nomination through an IIDP Faculty member, who will pass their nomination to the IIDP Scientific Advisory Group.

 What we ask of you

 All IAE Fellows and Associate Fellows commit to:

  • Supporting and publicising IIDP within their own professional spheres
  • Assisting IIDP staff and students in networking

 Within each 5 year period of fellowship, we ask one or more of the following of IAE Fellows:

  • Teaching and course development: travelling to IIDP for a module of the 12-week residential course or other IIDP-tailored short course (or providing a lecturer or facilitator from within their group), and/or contributing to the course curriculum
  • Hosting IIDP students, post-doctoral scientists or staff for internships or sabbaticals in their home institution
  • Mentoring of IIDP students, post-doctoral scientists or staff e.g. with publication/grant writing or career development
  • Initiation or development of collaborative research with IIDP scientists in West Africa
  • Preparation of joint proposals with IIDP research groups

 Who we need right now

We seek to identify Fellows who can make important contributions to the development of IIDP as we progress.  At present we are actively inviting researchers to assist in the establishment of the IIDP 12-week residential course and the PhD research programmes. Please contact an IIDP faculty member if you have an interest in these areas of the programme.

Our needs are likely to change over time, and we understand that the time commitments of Fellows may also vary. For this reason, Fellowship is renewable every five years and will be based on a re-evaluation of our needs and of the desires and potential commitment of the Fellow. There is no limit to the number of five-year Fellowships that may be served, whether continuously or punctuated: we will always appreciate a sincere commitment to the aims of IIDP and its ongoing development.