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IAE Fellows support individual IIDP-associated researchers and students on the IIDP research programmes by taking on one or more practical and mentoring roles over an agreed period of time: for example, curriculum development and delivery, development of course materials, collaborative research, provision of internships and sabbaticals, assistance with publications and grant applications, and access to research networks.

Currently we are urgently recruiting Fellows to assist with the implementation of the following activities:

The 12-week Residential Course on IDP Research

 The IIDP residential course on interdisciplinary research applied to infectious diseases of poverty is a high calibre interdisciplinary course designed to give an overview of all relevant disciplines necessary to respond to the scientific challenge posed by infectious diseases of poverty.  IIDP aims to produce researchers who are able to communicate and collaborate intelligently across all relevant disciplines, and to work effectively in the kind of multidisciplinary teams that are urgently required to address the infectious diseases of poverty that continue to affect West African populations. The course is a compulsory part of the IIDP program of study, is encouraged for post-doctoral researchers, and will be available to staff and external applicants in time.

Our first IAE Fellows are playing a key role as external facilitators in the development and implementation of this course. Each IIDP faculty member works with one or more IAE Fellows, who may contribute in a number of ways, from developing the curriculum, providing course materials, being a lecturer or instructor, or sending a member of their research group as instructor on one or more modules.

Mentoring of PhD Students

The first IIDP research students will begin their research programmes in January 2012, and each will have a main IIDP supervisor and an IIDP co-supervisor. IAE Fellows can contribute to the IIDP PhD program through collaborative work on research projects, assistance with networking, hosting IIDP students on short visits to their institutions, feedback on written work and publications, and general guidance and career mentoring.

Staff Development Programme

In order to retain the effort of the best researchers on IDP in West Africa, IIDP is keen to assist all IIDP-associated Faculty and research staff with the development of their research careers. We will seek IAE Fellows who can assist in development and/or delivery of short courses tailored to the needs of IIDP researchers and covering a range of professional and workplace issues. In addition, IAE Fellows can play a very important role by collaborating with their West African colleagues and assisting in identifying career development and networking opportunities. We are actively seeking IAE Fellows who will host IIDP research staff for short visits or for sabbaticals in collaborative research programmes.

The development of joint research proposals with IIDP faculty and their research staff and students is greatly encouraged and can be facilitated through the IAE and the secretariat.