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IIDP PhD research fellowship

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IIDP PhD fellowships are awarded to students from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) who have backgrounds in the social and medical sciences, and a strong interest in Infectious Diseases of Poverty (IDP) research.Students undertake their PhD research at one of the IIDP member institutions in West Africa. Although a student's PhD supervisor is based at that member institution, their co-supervisor (who is likely to be from another research area, in line with IIDP's multidisciplinarty model), may be located at another IIDP institution. As part of the programme students must attend the IIDP flagship course to equip them for interdisciplinary working within neglected disease control.There are also opportunities through the International Academy of Experts (IAE) to recieve practical and mentoring support, including the possibility of placements overseas, help with networking, and guidance with publishing work.The IIDP PhD programme is three years long, and students are funded for the entirety of the programme.Applications regarding 2012 are now open. Information about the program, requirements and selection criteria can be found in the Phd call.  Deadline: 30 of June 2012. Applications will be online. You can find the application form going to Apply now