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IIDP flagship course

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An integrated approach to disease control is essential. For example, in order to initiate an effective drug treatment programme it is not enough to undertake laboratory research to find a drug, indeed many of the neglected diseases have effective drugs available, yet the diseases are still endemic.  Epidemiologists are needed to determine the distribution of the disease in question, social scientists to determine which interventions will be acceptable to and successful in communities, public health workers and policy makers to make sure that funds and staff are channelled to the correct areas and that effective policy is implemented, amongst many others.

The course is a 7-module, 12-week programme, unique to IIDP. It is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base, the ability to communicate effectively across disciplines, and equip them for the realities of this interdisciplinary working within neglected disease control.

It is compulsary for all IIDP PhD and MSc students, IIDP Post-doctoral researchers to attend the 12-week flagship course, and staff are also be encouraged to attend modules in which they have little or no background.

The course is residential and moves between the partner institutions from year to year. The course in 2012 will be held at the University of Ghana.

In future years the IIDP flagship course will be made open to students external to IIDP for a fixed tuition fee. More information will be made available in due course.